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Our Healthcare Services:

Health administration costs are one of the largest for healthcare service providers. Due to the changes in the healthcare laws in the US, healthcare providers are facing many challenges such as increasing regulations, increasingly complex coding, declining reimbursements and increasing operating costs. It is hard and challenging to spend time both on your practice administration and patient care. IPIX BPO helps you build up a successful practice in today’s challenging healthcare scenario.

IPIX BPO specializes in the following services to assist clients in medical practice with the tedious tasks of billing and follow-up functions, thereby helping them concentrate more on their patient’s well being.

Our Services include:

Medical Transcription

Medical Billing and Coding

Claims Adjudication

Medical Transcription

ipix bpo

IPIX BPO provides Medical Transcription Services to individual physicians, practices and hospitals throughout the United States. We provide you with the service that you require. Our experience and skilled medical transcribers allow us to provide cost-effective, high-quality medical transcription in all specialties. At IPIX BPO Medical Transcription, we pride ourselves on providing medical documents that are accurate, efficient and meet the unique needs of each one of our clients. We also work hard to develop long-term client relationships based on open communication and collaboration.

Advantages of IPIX Medical Transcription Services:

High-quality Medical Transcription

Fast Turn-Around-Time

Dedicated Team & Team Leader for Each Account

Affordable services

Convenience to upload audio by FTP, HTTP or use our toll-free recording service

Work exposure in Offline, Online & Speech Recognition Platforms.


140-seater office at IT Park with state of the art facilities.
Physical access controlled through CC TV and bio metric scan
Leased line with up to 100 MBPS from different operators
High security data centre
24 hours power backup
Training facility for 50 resources
Capacity 3 shift operation

Medical Billing and Coding

We provide quality medical billing and medical coding services to Physician Practices, Hospitals, and Medical Billing companies.

The financial strength of medical practice is directly related to timely billing and account reimbursement. Errors such as under pricing, under coding and missed charges create great loss in the medical practice income. At IPIX BPO, we accurately process your claims which help to maximize your revenue and improve the cash flow.

Medical billing:

IPIX BPO offers highly personalized medical billing services to meet almost all the needs of our clients. We ensure accuracy for the submission of all our client’s charges. We collect all the essential details like patient demographic details, date of service, CPT and ICD codes etc. because any error or omission of details can result in delays or denials. Our Quality Check ensures the accuracy of the claims processed.

We have expertise in all major specialties such as



Emergency Medicine

Family Practice

General Practice


Internal Medicine






Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

Medical coding:

IPIX BPO has a team of experienced medical coders who can provide you with the highest level of quality medical coding services. We store all your documents in our FTP server. Our medical coders analyze these files each day and codes are assigned according to the medical diagnosis and specialty. You can leave the back office to our expertise and invest more of your time on healthcare.

Advantages of IPIX BPO´s medical coding services

Highly Skilled and Certified Medical Coders

Maximum Reimbursements and Fewer Denials

High Accuracy and Compliance with all Government Regulations

Payer-Specific Coding Requirements

Constant monitoring by auditing by coding and compliance experts

Claims Adjudication:

We thoroughly understand the significance of claims adjudication and the effect it has on medical claims processing. IPIX provides you with the best claims management services with personalized service, timely and accurate claims administration and a full range of related support functions to our clients.

Types of claims that we process and adjudicate:

HCFA1500 / CMS1500


Dental Claims

Miscellaneous (complex / non-standard)

Pends / Correspondence

Enrolment Forms Processing (EFP)

Vision Forms

Our team consists of professional claims adjudicators who have clinical knowledge and exceptional analytical skills. Our professionals communicate clearly with all parties involved and manage all of the issues that can affect the cost of a program. We can take care of your claims adjudication process in a special manner and deliver high-quality claims adjudication services at reduced rates, within a short period of time.

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