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Market Research:

Understanding customers is the core aim of Market research. To evaluate our own work, we need to collect and analyze information that helps us understand our consumers, market niches, and marketing programs. Market research provides information and improves business strategy.

Market research services also help to understand consumer behavior, their perceptions and interests. The research can be conducted in a focus group or one-on-one, based on the nature of the research assignment. We use the following research methods to collate data:

Web based surveys

Online survey is cheaper but is effective in gathering data. Our survey questionnaires are based on the nature of the business project and the market conditions. The data is captured through channels such as emails and survey websites.

Online focus groups

One-on-one interviews are designed to go in-depth into the buying behavior of a customer. Participants can be chosen based on the various customer or market segments. They can be interviewed online or through interactive surveys. When used in conjunction with focus groups they can give you the personal habits of customers that you can later incorporate into your marketing strategy.

Financial Research:

India is becoming the Financial Research hub of the world due to its skilled manpower, scalability and economic leverage. Apart from cost considerations, regulatory measures have also enhanced off shoring of financial research services to a great extent.

IPIX BPO has recruited Financial Researchers and analysts comprising chartered accountants (certified public accountants) and MBAs to enable companies to outsource their analytics and quantitative financial research requirements to us.

Our skilled financial analysts and researchers offer clear and cost effective labor, along with scalability thus making our outsourcing more effective.

IPIX BPO's Financial Research Services

Banking Research Services

Corporate and Retail Finance support

Corporate Credit Research

Financial Research Services



Investment Services

Fixed income macro strategy

Fixed income modeling and Index maintenance

Risk modeling

Derivative pricing


Insurance and Specialty or High End Finance and Accounting Research Services

Economic and Financial Research Services

Established and emerging research and analytics

Foreign exchange research

Creation and introspection of research based economy analytical models for prediction of trend variations across multiple spectra

Industry Financial Research Services

Industry trends with analyst reports

Financial research models

Business Financial Research Services

Business intelligence and benchmarking studies

Creation of business databases

Business database research and analysis

Company Specific Financial Research Services

Creation of company profiles

Model development and maintenance

Research and Analysis of company financials

Financial statement analysis

We can provide you with a detailed analysis of your financial statements by analyzing your balance sheets, income statements, statements of retained earnings and statement of cash flows. Based on our financial statement analysis, you can learn more on the financial condition of your business.

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